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What is the Russian Arctic zone?

The Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF) is the northern end of the European and Asian parts of the Russian Federation, located along the shores of the seas in the Arctic Ocean: Barents, Kara, Laptev, East Siberian and Chukchi. It is Russia's longest maritime boundary.

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2,5 million

Population of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

5 million sq. km

Total space occupied by Russian dominions in the Arctic

9 regions

Making up the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

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Northeast Passage

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The North keeps its treasures under a layer of ice and snow
NEP cargo shipping volumes in 2019
31,5 mln t
Plans to grow cargo shipping volumes by 2024
80 mln t
NEP cargo shipping volumes to reach by 2035
160 mln t


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20 October 2020 HCDA: Arctic Employers are Interested in Mining Experts

The Human Capital Development Agency in the Russian Far East and the Arctic is currently finishing an assessment of the need for personnel in the Russian Arctic

15 October 2020 133 Businesses Applied for Residency in the Arctic Zone for RUB 198 BN

Five businesses have already been granted resident status

14 October 2020 RosGeo Completed Works to Determine the Outer Border of Russian Continental Shelf

This was necessary for justifying the outer border of the Russian continental shelf in front of the UN Commission

12 October 2020 Rosneft Begins Engineering and Geophysical Surveys in the Eastern Arctic

This is essential for assessing the oil and gas potential in the region

9 October 2020 A Draft of the Support Programme for Small Indigenous Communities in the Arctic Has Been Prepared

The Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and the Human Capital Development Agency of the Far East and the Arctic have prepared a draft of the programme for state support of the traditional economic activities of small indigenous communities living in the Arctic regions of Russia

8 October 2020 Murmansk Region's Port of Liinakhamari Becomes AZRF Resident

The port of Liinakhamari with its investment project of a tourism cluster in Murmansk Region became the resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF), reports TASS citing the Press Service of Murmansk Region.



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