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What is the Russian Arctic zone?

The Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF) is the northern end of the European and Asian parts of the Russian Federation, located along the shores of the seas in the Arctic Ocean: Barents, Kara, Laptev, East Siberian and Chukchi. It is Russia's longest maritime boundary.

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2,5 million

Population of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

5 million sq. km

Total space occupied by Russian dominions in the Arctic

9 regions

Making up the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation

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Northeast Passage

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The North keeps its treasures under a layer of ice and snow
NEP cargo shipping volumes in 2019
31,5 mln t
Plans to grow cargo shipping volumes by 2024
80 mln t
NEP cargo shipping volumes to reach by 2035
160 mln t


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16 July 2021 Russian Arctic zone resident to build and modernise several objects of the Arkhangelsk heat supply system

41 companies in the region have become residents of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation. The total investment in their projects is over RUB 2 bn.

15 July 2021 'Norilsk of the future': architects from all over the world to develop the city's renovation strategy

The Norilsk renovation project is aimed at improving the citizens' quality of life and is closely linked to the development of the city's main employer and the Krasnoyarsk Territory in general.

14 July 2021 Chukotka's new recreation centre: The Land of True People

The project is aimed at offering recreation and entertainment activities to attract more tourists to the region.

13 July 2021 Three more companies in the Murmansk Region become residents of the Russian Arctic Zone

Over the course of the year, 57 Murmansk projects received resident status, including private entrepreneurs.

24 December 2020 Chibis: active in the Arctic the benefits of increased investment, despite the pandemic

It makes itpossible to allocate additional resources for the implementation of social tasks in the territory of the Russian Arctic

24 December 2020 Rules for preferential lending to residents of the Arctic zone has been approved by goverment



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