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All Arctic Jobs on One Platform

Why a job beyond the Arctic Circle can be a dream job — and how to find it

21.03.2022 // The Project Office for Arctic Development expert centre, together with the Russian State Social University, have created a new platform, called the Centre for Suitable Work in the Arctic (CSWA).

Everyone can find a suitable job on the platform, whether they are a high-level professional hailing from the capital, a young professional or even a graduate with no work experience. The search system is arranged simply and conveniently. You can choose the region you are interested in, a particular city, indicate the specialisation and work experience and even choose the type of employment — full-time, project work or internship. And if you want to get a job in a particular company, you can look at all the jobs it has to offer.

Students and graduates will be interested to know what major Arctic companies offer internships or apprenticeships. Such internships, by the way, are frequently very well paid.

Those who are still undecided about their future will be able to find information about what professions are the most in-demand in the Arctic. New jobs appear along with the realisation of large-scale investment projects, so their number in the country's Arctic zone is growing exponentially.