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AZRF resident launches innovative medical care for Arkhangelsk Region residents with vascular diseases

25.01.2023 // Innomed has opened the region's first private medical centre for innovative vascular surgery in Arkhangelsk to make unique care as accessible as possible to local residents.

A resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF) also provides services under compulsory health insurance policies. Private investment in the project under an agreement with the Far East Development Corporation (FEDC) will exceed RUB 54.91 mn.

'Residents of the Arkhangelsk Region, the Nenets Autonomous Area and the Republics of Karelia and Komi, who suffer from severe vascular pathologies, receive qualified services using innovative technology. We have acquired new high-tech equipment that meets modern medical standards and is essential for quality diagnosis, treatment and operations at every level of complexity. Thanks to the property and profit tax benefits and savings on social payments that we have received as an AZRF resident, we are able to purchase high-quality, expensive and innovative consumables used for operations and medical care,' said Alexander Ivanenko, General Director of Innomed.

The clinic sees patients with diseases of the arteries and veins of the extremities, thoracic and abdominal cavities, abnormalities of the cerebral vessels, coronary arteries and arrhythmias. Medical care for northerners is provided by highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in practical healthcare, who have undergone training at major centres in Russia and abroad and are constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills.

'The Arkhangelsk Region is the most populated Arctic territory, and we are interested in projects aimed at improving the quality of life of our people, and we support businesses that invest in the development of the region. We are among the leaders—a third of all projects by AZRF residents is implemented in the territory of the Arkhangelsk Region, and all of them are broadly diversified by sector. Out of more than 150 projects, 43 have already been initiated. More than 1,500 local people are employed in the new enterprises. The volume of private investments exceeded RUB 10.5 bn,' said Maxim Zaborsky, General Director of the Agency for Regional Development.

According to FEDC, more than 550 companies are currently investing as residents of the AZRF, implementing projects worth over RUB 820 bn and creating more than 24,000 jobs. About RUB 65 bn have already been invested by businesses, and the new enterprises employ 5,500 local people.

'Comfortable conditions have been created for investors in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation to implement business projects. For example, for residents of the AZRF in the Arkhangelsk Region, income taxes have been nullified for 5 years, the property tax rate has also been reduced to 0.1 % and the land benefit is 80–100 % of the amount, depending on the municipality. There are options for obtaining land and applying the free customs zone procedure, and the 75% subsidy of insurance premiums for newly created jobs is available for 10 years,' said Vladimir Gudkov, Director of the Department for Support for the Implementation of Investment Projects.