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A comprehensive body health improvement clinic has been opened by an AZRF resident in Komi

03.05.2024 // Marina Rudneva, an individual entrepreneur and resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (AZRF), inaugurated a complex body recovery office in Usinsk, Komi Republic, featuring innovative domestic equipment including the Althea vibrating fitness platform. Under an agreement with the Far East Development Corporation (FEDC), the project received an investment exceeding one million roubles.

The project was initially envisioned as a social initiative, according to an AZRF resident.

'We already have several successful business projects in Usinsk. The concept for the office emerged from personal experience, as the Markov device resolved my chronic back issue on the third attempt. We concluded that our city's residents should also have this opportunity. The most crucial aspect for any region is its people, and we aim to make them healthier, happier and more serene,' stated Marina Rudneva, the project leader.

The device by Russian scientist G.A. Markov generates a field of variable 50 Hz pulses that can penetrate up to 15–20 cm into the human body non-invasively, providing therapeutic effects akin to a massage. A major benefit is the intensity of the treatment—a ten-minute session two to three times a month suffices to address a broad spectrum of issues and alleviate muscle spasms, headaches, sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal disorders, and chronic fatigue.


'For our health office in Usinsk, a significant advantage of being an AZRF resident is the reduced tax burden. The support involving only a 1% tax rate and subsidised insurance contributions for new jobs provides substantial assistance and stability. Additionally, we gained extra time to acquaint ourselves with the new technology and secured endorsements from contacts, which proved crucial given our business's nature. Particularly since our office doesn't engage in widespread advertising, relying primarily on word-of-mouth,' remarked Marina Rudneva.


This approach is now operational in 42 Russian cities including Nadym, Novy Urengoy and Gubkinsky, and with AZRF support, Usinsk has also joined this list. When fully operational, the Usinsk office can accommodate 70–80 visitors over 30 days. In the future, the investor aims to conduct up to 180 sessions weekly or 720 sessions monthly. The office serves various visitors including pensioners who receive discounts, as well as athletes.

The Althea device was acquired from Myoflex, which offers technical support and remote consultations by doctors from Novosibirsk (where its headquarters are located) on operating the device, including handling complex client cases or suggesting alternative recovery methods. The project manager and staff underwent training on the Myoflex educational platform, earning certificates and consistently enhancing their skills through remote sessions. Currently, two employees work at the wellness office, but plans are underway to increase the number of trainers to four soon.

'The status of a resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation provides unique competitive advantages such as tax incentives for any new business in the ten northern regions of Russia. For small and medium enterprises, this primarily means benefits in simplified taxation and insurance premiums. In the Komi Republic, AZRF residents enjoy preferential rates throughout their business's duration under the simplified taxation system—1% on income and 5% on income minus expenses—compared to the national averages of 6% and 15% respectively. AZRF residents are required to pay only a quarter of their assessed insurance premiums; the remainder is covered by the FEDC. For larger businesses, besides insurance premium benefits, substantial incentives are available for income tax, property tax, land tax and tax deductions for mineral extraction projects. Moreover, each AZRF resident can secure the necessary land plot for their project without participating in tenders. We provide comprehensive support at all stages of our residents' project implementations,' noted Vladimir Gudkov, Director of the Department for Arctic Zone Investment Projects Support in FEDC.

According to FEDC data, there are currently 750 agreements with residents of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation. Businesses have invested over RUB 141 bn in the Arctic economy and created 9,500 new jobs.