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'A large-scale project in the Far North': the first indoor leisure centre for children will appear in Vorkuta

An Arctic Zone resident entity is planning to build an entertainment centre by 2022

15.11.2021 // The Elita company has become a resident of the Arctic Zone of Russia and has a project to create an entertainment complex with a café. The leisure centre will become the very first year-round recreation area for children and teenagers in Vorkuta. Which kinds of entertainment will be available and why is this complex believed to have the potential of becoming a new place of attraction not only for children but also adults? The Managing Director of the company Anna Khatsenok gave us an explanation.

Investment in childhood

An indoor children's leisure centre is set to appear in Vorkuta. The modern entertainment complex for children and teenagers is located in a shopping centre and, after its opening, it is expected to work all year round. Its total area exceeds 2 thousand sq. metres. The object will come equipped with rope and trampoline parks, as well as various play areas.

'The project of creating a large-scale play area was a long time coming. At a certain point, the initial idea had to take shape. It finally happened in 2020, when our desires matched our potential possibilities. Implementing such a large-scale project in the Far North is a great opportunity to make our city warmer and cosier,' Anna Khatsenok, the Director of Elita told the Arctic Russia portal.

According to her, the leisure centre will be equipped with modern equipment that meets all safety standards, which will make the complex truly unique for the Komi Republic. At the moment, neither Vorkuta nor its countryside has an indoor play area for children.

'There's only one open-air concrete-covered playground in the city, which is probably a remnant of the Soviet period. It's full of old, broken equipment that has been in need of restoration for a long time. Unfortunately, there are no other alternatives available in the city or its countryside, so families have no choice but to go there,' stressed the speaker.

According to Anna, in addition to the playground, where children can fully relax, the complex will come equipped with a family-oriented café.

'It will be a cosy area with tables, seating and a fully functional kitchen. We want it to be a family-type establishment, so the kitchen will provide a wide range of dishes for both adults and children. Thanks to that, mums won't have to frantically search for a place to feed their hungry children after hours of active leisure time,' says Anna Khatsenok.

Serious business

Project managers estimate that the facility will begin its operation as early as 2022. The site is currently under construction: the workers are busy taking care of the rough work, erecting walls and installing engineering services. The design of the complex is done by architects of the studio specialising in designing famous children centres in Moscow.

'The work is in full swing, we're keeping our fingers crossed and are hoping to complete the construction by the designated date. The total cost of the project is about RUB 30 mn. Given the rising inflation, the final costs are likely to be higher, so we are actively browsing through all the concessional lending options. However, loans take a long time to be granted. Lately, banks have been reluctant to support such projects, because, due to the pandemic, many children centres either operate under severe restrictions or are closed altogether,' said the director of Elita.

Entrepreneurs at the Department of Economics of the region told us everything there is to know about obtaining the resident status in the Arctic zone. It's possible for small and medium-sized businesses to apply for residency, as the minimum threshold for capital investment is RUB 1 mn, the department employees explained.

'Resident status makes it possible for us to try and draw the attention of the organisations interested in making an investment. Moreover, residency comes with tax benefits and financial incentives that directly affect the profitability of the object,' said Khatsenok.

The Elita director predicts that the project will pay off in a very short time. Anna believes that as the range of services they are ready to provide will increase, so will the demand for the centre.