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Plateau Restaurant: A Flight Over the Khibiny

The highest mountain restaurant in the Russian Northwest — a new Kirovsk attraction

21.03.22 // People come to Kirovsk to ski on the slopes of mountains with exotic names like Kukisvumchorr and Aikuaivenchorr. November 2021 brought another good reason to visit the highest mountain resort in the Russian Northwest, with the opening of the Plateau panoramic restaurant complex at the very top of Aikuaivenchorr.

The project was authored by Nikolay Pereslegin, Sergey Pereslegin and Georgy Trofimov of the Kleinewelt Architekten architectural bureau.

From the summit of Aikuayvenchorr, a magnificent panorama for all of Kirovsk and Khibiny Mountains opens for spectators.

So that nothing interferes with contemplating the stunning views, the architects used panoramic structural glazing. Five-metre-high floor-to-ceiling windows seem to erase the boundary between the visitors and the vast landscape. Haute cuisine awaits at an altitude of 820 metres above sea level, with the menu juxtaposing European classics with local delicacies. Crab phalanges, halibut parfait, marinated venison or cloudberry mousse — all these dishes will inevitably leave a lasting gastronomic impression.

The facade of the Plateau complex is partially faced with khibinite - a unique stone of a rare light green color with emerald shades, named after Khibin mountains. The architects retained the concrete texture of the sloping ceilings of the main hall.