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A resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (ASRF) to set up production of liquid ice generators

23.03.2022 // The Murmansk-based company Barents Cool has over 20 years of experience in making refrigeration and other technological equipment for fishing vessels and coastal fish processing plants.

The company became a resident of AZRF with the project Production of Liquid Ice Generation Units for the Fishing Industry. Based on the agreement with the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (FEDC), investments will amount to RUB 44.6 mn.

Liquid ice generators cool seawater to –2 to –3 degrees Celsius. It is not exactly ice, but not water either. The fish is immersed in the liquid ice, which completely 'envelops' it and cools it very quickly. Fish can be stored in liquid ice for up to three weeks. It prevents the spread of pathogenic bacteria and the development of oxidative processes. At the same time, this cooling technology does not damage or deform fish, meaning that it is delivered to the processing site or store fresh and perfectly preserved.

Liquid ice is delivered through pumped pipelines. This saves time, effort and money for transportation, and as a result, it has a positive effect not only on the quality of products, but also on labor productivity.

The liquid ice itself is pumped from the production site to the recipient via pipelines. This saves time, effort and transportation costs, and positively affects not only the quality of products, but also labour productivity.

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