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New diving centre on the shore of the Barents Sea to organise crab safaris

24.03.2022// The company Sila Severa (lit.: The Power of the North) will open a diving and leisure centre on the shore of the Barents Sea, in the village of Titovka, Kola District, the Murmansk region. The centre will be open year-round and will receive up to 3,000 visitors annually. The investor has gained the status of the resident of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.

It will offer diving gear and watercraft rental, so there will be no need for visitors to bring their own equipment. Those with little or no diving experience will be offered the help of qualified instructors. In a few sessions, they will learn to feel as comfortable as fish in the waters of the Barents Sea.

Reasonable accommodation option will be a convenient hostel with capacity of 24 beds. It will offer lounge area and a kitchen. More comfortable option would be a stay in a separate house.

The diving centre will primarily cater to Russian tourists. This will be reflected in the centre's pricing policy, with the aim to make its services available to all visitors, so that even a person with a modest income can afford a crab safari, usually considered entertainment for the rich. 

The project is planned to be implemented until 2024, its estimated budget is 41 million rubles.