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For the new Norilsk

A resident of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation to build an asphalt plant in Norilsk

20.10.2022 // Metall-Grad, a resident of the AZRF, will build an asphalt-concrete plant in Norilsk. The new company will start producing high-quality asphalt for the polar city in the summer of 2023. Under an agreement with the Far East Development Corporation, investments in the project will amount to RUB 79.1 mn.

'I see the problems with my own eyes'

Viktor Danilov, General Director of Metall-Grad LLC, came to Norilsk in the 1990s. He opened his first business in the polar city in the early 2000s. By now, Viktor Danilov has managed to create an entire corporation that includes several companies, including those in the construction sector. About 200 citizens work there. With the opening of the new asphalt plant, an additional 17 jobs will be created. In addition, Metall-Grad is not only ready to produce asphalt mix but also to lay it: the company plans to buy special machinery for the repair and construction of road surfaces.

As Viktor Vyacheslavovich says, he decided to start producing asphalt because he is well aware of the problems in his hometown.

'Norilsk is desperately short of asphalt. I mean a good, quality one. I had been thinking about this situation for a couple of years and came to the conclusion that without an additional plant, things would not get off the ground. In addition, launching such a facility directly in Norilsk will make road repairs and construction cheaper,' says Viktor Danilov.

The quality of the roads is not the only problem in the polar city. In industrial Norilsk, compliance with environmental regulations is an acute issue. Viktor Danilov stresses that the new plant will be equipped with the latest ecologically-certified equipment. This was one of Metall-Grad's main requirements as a manufacturer and supplier of production equipment.

The launch of the plant is just the beginning

The Metall-Grad plant plans to produce 120 tons of asphalt mix per hour. There will definitely be demand: Norilsk is now implementing a comprehensive development programme that includes upgrading its road and transport infrastructure.

'We are already making requests for tenders for next year—both for the city and for the plant (Norilsk Nickel.—Ed.). Hopefully, we will take at least one of the tenders. We could be talking about a very large order,' says Viktor Danilov.

The company plans to build another plant, for the production of building-concrete mixtures. More than 70 new houses, schools, kindergartens and other social infrastructure facilities are to be built under the Norilsk development programme. Viktor Danilov is confident that the company's products will also be in demand.