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Food that Prolongs Life

A resident of Russia's Arctic zone to engage in extraction and processing of seafood with unique properties

21.03.2022 // At the Prodexpo-2022 international exhibition, the Lifex Foods company from Murmansk presented hydrobionts of the Barents Sea. At the beginning of March, another important event took place — the launch of the company's very own catching vessel.

'The hydrobionts we work with are food that prolongs life. For example, sea urchin caviar has many useful properties — in Japan, they even make medicines against cancer with it. As for mussels, few people know that Murmansk mussels differ from all others. Neither Chilean nor Black Sea mussels have the same taste — our northern ones have a much richer one,' said Mikhail Voronin, General Director of Lifex Foods.

Lifex Foods will be harvesting hydrobionts with its own vessel, launched in early March and not yet named. Currently, it is being rigged with diving equipment and machinery that will allow to prevent seafood damage and deliver it in the freshest form to the place of processing or sale. In early April, the vessel will take the sea for its first catch.