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Chekunkov: Russia and China can achieve progress in North Sea Route transportation

The Minister for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic noted that the operations by the Chinese carrier NewNew Shipping Line along this route demonstrate the viability of the sea route.

11 June 2024

Joint efforts by Russia and China can boost cargo volumes along the North Sea Route, according to a TASS report citing an interview with Aleksey Chekunkov, Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic, in Global Times.

He detailed that recently, the Chinese carrier NewNew Shipping Line has completed several trips along this route. 'This confirms that the North Sea Route is operational,' added the minister.

He mentioned that currently, Russia and China are tasked with increasing both the frequency and tonnage of the route to ensure continued growth in cargo volumes along the North Sea Route. Chekunkov highlighted that shipping supplies between Europe and Asia via the Arctic is not only 40% shorter but also significantly safer than the traditional route through the Suez Canal.

'We are aware that the Middle East is currently unstable. Unfortunately, it presents various threats and risks to navigation that are absent from the North Sea Route,' he added.

The Minister pointed out that transporting cargo through the Arctic during winter remains challenging due to ice conditions. 'We are developing the world's most robust icebreaker fleet,' he concluded. 'We are prepared to deploy this fleet for all international clients, including those from China, to facilitate transit and movement of goods, container ships and cargo vessels between Europe and Asia.' 


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