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Arctic Zone resident to build a recreation spot with a café on the road to Teriberka, Murmansk Region

13.08.21 // The project was initiated by Perekrestok, a resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation. This will be the first recreation spot for drivers on the way to Teriberka. Angelina Yushchenko, Director of Perekrestok, talks about the project, its significance for tourism development and the prospects of Arctic Russia.

When the weather gets better

A new recreation area for car enthusiasts will be located at the intersection of roads that lead to the region's most popular tourist destinations — the Teriberka and Tumanny villages. Project leaders want this area to become a meeting point for travellers.

'Today, most tourists get to Murmansk by plane and then drive to the villages. With a total distance of over 100 km, the route has no places for travellers to stop for a break, so they have to drive non-stop all the way', says Angelina Yushchenko.

In the winter season, the visibility on the road is limited and tourists can spend more than an hour in traffic jams. Sections of the snow-covered highway are often blocked by road services. As a result, travellers have to wait up to half a day until the road is cleared.

'We are planning to build a facility 80 km from Murmansk and 40 km from Teriberka. With the new well-equipped platform, tourists will be able to safely wait until the weather gets better because the last 35 km of their trip will be an unpaved road', says Angelina.

Reconstruction of this section of the highway started in 2020. Regional authorities want to improve the road to avoid skids. The entire highway is set to be repaired by 2023.

According to Yushchenko, in addition to the car park where drivers will be able to rest and check their cars, the new area will also feature a café. It will be open all year round, serving coffee and proper meals.