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NAA to begin assembling Sumrak snowmobiles and servicing all-terrain vehicles

The vehicle can navigate rough terrain quite swiftly, reaching speeds up to 50–60 km/h on ice hummocks.

8 June 2024

This spring, Sumrak was tested for durability during an expedition across the NAA by its developers. An agreement on launching an investment project for manufacturing snowmobiles and unmanned all-terrain vehicles was signed at SPIEF within this context. NAO24 portal reported on this.

Yuri Bezdudny, Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Area, along with consortium company leaders Oleg Vylegzhanin from Transcom-Plus, Alexander Tortsev from Breoline and Svetlana Tortseva, Member of the Council of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Financial, Industrial and Investment Policy, Managing Partner of Criteria Consult signed the agreement at SPIEF.

'There is high demand for this equipment, but existing market offerings do not meet Arctic and local requirements. This led to the decision to establish production in NAA,' Yuri Bezdudny remarked.

'We plan to start mass production of Sumrak snowmobiles. Several versions will be available to meet all market needs including models for firefighting, general public use and emergency services. By 2029, we aim to produce 80 units annually, potentially achieving this target earlier. By 2032, production is expected to reach 200 units annually as per our market strategy. We cherish the Arctic and NAA; we want to feel at home when we visit,' expressed Svetlana Tortseva, Managing Partner of Criteria Consult.


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