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An AZRF resident will build a recreation centre in a polar village

06.06.2022 // Bin-Tour company, a resident of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation, will build a comfortable recreation centre in the village of Ura-Guba in the Murmansk Region. Fishing, including sea and winter ones, diving, reindeer and dog sledging, educational excursions on land and sea — such a programme awaits future guests of the base.

There are many historical places in Ura-Guba, as well as natural beauties in its vicinity. Murmansk people often come here for fishing and recreation. But tourism is mostly spontaneous, and sometimes unsafe — both for people and for nature. The recreation base in Ura-Guba should become a truly comfortable place that meets the highest standards of the tourism industry.

Photo from the official website of the Administration of Ura-Guba Rural Settlement /

‘Our project is brand new; we are just getting started on it. We hope that in the future, tourists will come to us both from Russian regions and abroad,’ said Igor Botkin, General Director of Bin-Tour.

The project will be implemented in two stages. Firstly, an office building with a café, two houses, a sauna complex and a covered car park will be built in the Scandinavian-style centre; additionally, a fishing boat is to be acquired. When everything is ready, the recreation centre will be able to take up to 3,000 people a year.

In the second stage, the territory of the centre will be expanded by adding an area of exceeding one hectare. Eight guest houses, a mini-farm with animals and birds, a children's play area, sports grounds and other facilities will be built there. By the end of this phase, the tourist flow to the base will reach 14,600 people annually.

The recreation centre will attract not only fishing enthusiasts but also those fond of history and nature of the region. The guests will enjoy boat trips and whales; admire the northern lights and polar water diving. Other activities include a reindeer sledding; and mushrooms and berry picking in the forest. First guests of the recreation centre in Ura-Guba are expected in a year and a half/two years.

Photo from the official website of the Administration of Ura-Guba Rural Settlement /

The company expects that AZRF resident status will allow the project to be implemented quickly and efficiently. At this stage, the most important thing for entrepreneurs is to quickly get a land plot for construction to leasing. And in the future, concessional lending and tax benefits will be good support for them.