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The results of the first mural competition created in Arctic cities are summed up

9 august 2022

09.08.2022 // The Bering Strait International Festival, held in Anadyr on 2–7 August, selected the best muralists of Russia's Arctic zone. Seven northern regions took part in the Mural Art 2022 competition for monumental painting. They submitted 63 works created between 2019 and 2022.

The competition was organised by the ANO Arktika, a subordinate agency of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic. The works were judged in two categories: 'Best Mural Design in the Arctic' and 'Best Application of Modern Materials and Techniques for Murals in the Arctic.' Experts came from the fields of tourism, branding, urbanism and city planning. By secret vote, they decided on the top three and six runners-up.

The winner in the category for best design was the Yamal mural 'The Little Nenets Girl.' A huge portrait of a smiling beauty in national attire greets visitors to Tarko-Sale at the entrance to the town. It is drawn from a real photo taken in 2019 on Reindeer Herder's Day by journalist Maria Schrader. The Purovsky District Youth Council decided to dedicate a mural to a young northerner. It was painted by the artist Mikhail Izmodenov from Yekaterinburg, who often visits Yamal.


Second place went to the Murmansk mural 'Sweater with Bears.' The author is Maria Mikhailenko, Chairman of the Murmansk branch of the Union of Artists of Russia. She 'wrapped' the two-storey building in a warm blue hand-knitted jumper with traditional patterns.

Bronze for design went to a mural from Anadyr, created by the Tough Finger team.

Photo: VK, Mikhail Pavlov

The winner in the category 'Best Application of Modern Materials and Techniques for Murals in the Arctic' was a mural from Kandalaksha. The author of the idea, Alexander Trunkovsky, and artist Anastasia Andryashina decided to depict a girl on a SUP surrounded by white whales. They managed to turn a typical Soviet five-storey building into a new business card for the city.

One of the main aims of the Mural Art 2022 competition is to draw attention to the Russian Arctic.

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