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Russian Academy of Sciences expedition has published books in four rare languages spoken by the peoples of the North

These books were presented in Nanai, Dolgan, Sami and Tofalar languages.

18 April 2024

In its efforts to preserve the languages of indigenous minorities of the North, the Clean Arctic—Vostok 77 expedition of the Russian Academy of Sciences has published books in Nanai, Dolgan, Sami and Tofalar languages. This was announced by Dmitry Belov, the acting head of the expedition.

'The Expedition for Books is engaged in finding and preparing books in the languages of the indigenous minorities of the North for publication. Over six months, the expedition has discovered more than 50 texts for publication and four books have already been published in large print runs,' said Belov.

Books have been published specifically in Nanai, Dolgan, Sami and Tofalar languages. These books will be added to the collection of Moscow's Arctic Library No. 77, which houses Russia's first department dedicated to rare language publications.

With the largest number of participants among all continental high-latitude scientific expeditions in the history of northern exploration, Clean Arctic—Vostok 77 stands out. The expedition will comprise 77 teams, with around 700 participants from over 20 centres of the Russian Academy of Sciences and federal universities, as well as volunteers from the Russian Geographical Society, over the course of a year. The participants will conduct more than 200 studies along routes spanning 12,000 km. One of the expedition's objectives is to study and preserve rare northern languages.


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