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Hydrogen engine for the Arctic has been developed in Krasnoyarsk

Hydrogen fuel, being more eco-friendly, can be used for self-generation.

16 November 2023

Scientists from the School of Petroleum and Gas Engineering at the Siberian Federal University (SFU) in Krasnoyarsk have engineered a hydrogen engine suitable for Arctic conditions. This was reported to TASS by Vladimir Sedov, the CEO of Russian Hydrogen Company, a strategic partner of the institute.

The development process began when Sedov decided to fit a hydrogen engine, designed by the company's experts, into a Tesla electric car. A hydrogen tank with a capacity of 3 kg supplied hydrogen to the fuel cell, where it interacted with atmospheric oxygen to generate electricity. This enhancement extended the electric car's range from 400 km to 1,000 km. The experiment proved successful. Following this, a decision was made to adapt it for Arctic conditions, which involved modifying the engine design, catalyst composition, as well as the cooling and heating of fuel cells.

He stated that the development was conducted under the interdisciplinary research and production centre of innovative technologies Sidera, established by the institute and the company for work in the field of hydrogen technologies. The developers believe that the advantage of a hydrogen engine for the Arctic is that it eliminates the need for diesel fuel importation, as hydrogen can be extracted from associated gas released during oil extraction.


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