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Gazprom is designing a gas pipeline to Murmansk in conjunction with the gasification of Karelia

The construction of the main gas pipeline to Murmansk is being considered in conjunction with the development of the gas supply in the Republic of Karelia, through which this infrastructure will pass.

10 March 2023

Gazprom has started designing a main gas pipeline to gasify the Murmansk Region. The corporate publication of Gazprom Design LLC reports that the company has set up the Sever-Centre project office to implement the Volkhov – Segezha – Kostomuksha gas pipeline and the Volkhov – Murmansk trunkline projects. This is reported by Interfax.

Designers proceed with engineering surveys, design and survey work, land and land (forest) rights and permitting documentation.

According to the regional authorities, the construction of the Volkhov – Murmansk line will cost RUB 350 bn.

Two liquefied natural gas-fired boilers are now up and running in the Murmansk Region. They were built as part of a partnership project between the Russian Ministry of Defence and NOVATEK and commissioned in December 2021.


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