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Great Feast at Earth's End

The 7th Teriberka Arctic Festival in the Murmansk Region surpassed its previous attendance record

19 july 2022

19 July 2022 // Only 300 guests visited the first festival in a small Northern village. Seven years later, 10.5 thousand people arrived in Teriberka from all over Russia, twice as many as in 2021. Whole families came here, setting up tents in well-equipped camps on the sandy Barents Sea shore.

'The Teriberka Arctic festival is one of the grandest events in the Murmansk Region,' the region's Governor Andrey Chibis proudly stated.

Teriberka expressed true Northern cordiality in welcoming the guests. Over the two days of the festival, 16 and 17 July, they consumed 25 thousand dishes and drinks of Arctic cuisine. This year, the Gastronomic Theatre was introduced at the festival.

Guests of Teriberka were offered not only treats, but also planty of entertainment to please anyone. The bill, full of workshops, interactive games, quests, exhibitions and fairs, was so intense that the guests' only complaint was the lack of time to see it all. Teriberka proved to be a hit even among such sophisticated guests as Tomer Savoia, a supremely emotional football fan from Brazil who got his minute of fame during the 2018 World Cup and became a meme.

'I've been globetrotting all my life. I've visited 57 countries to date, but I'd never been to the very edge of our planet's Northern part. This festival is really great! The weather here is almost like in Rio de Janeiro (laughs). Well, people don't worry about the weather here. They're having a great time, celebrating and living the festival life,' Tomer Savoia explained.

Over seven years, the Teriberka festival has won wide popularity and plenty of awards. It won the prize of the Russian Geographical Society in the Best Tourist Project category. It also won the Events of Russia National Award in the Culture: Concerts and Music Festivals category. This year, it debuted in the cultural section of the event plan as part of Russia's chairmanship in the Arctic Council.

Photo: official website of the Murmansk Region government, the festival's VK page


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