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A strait that does not divide

Bering Strait Festival brings together all peoples and regions of the Arctic

8 august 2022

08.08.2022 // Today, as not only transport flows but also the vector of tourism are turning towards the Far East and the Arctic, preserving the culture of the indigenous inhabitants of these territories is of particular importance. The Bering Strait Festival plays a huge role in this, as it introduces visitors to Chukotka to the traditions and way of life of the small peoples of the North.

This year, the Bering Strait International Festival was held in Chukotka on 2–7 August as part of the main events of Russia's chairmanship of the Arctic Council.

The central event of the business programme was the plenary session 'Tourism in the Arctic. Rapid Development.' The participants discussed the prospects for domestic tourism in Russia's Arctic zone and ways to improve air links to northern regions.

'The festival is important in terms of the sustainable development of tourism in the Arctic and the Far East. The very holding of such events in Chukotka, one of Russia's most fascinating regions, and the interest shown by tourism companies and residents of the Arctic regions confirm the high potential of the Russian North,' says Hajimagomed Huseynov, First Deputy Minister for the Development of the Russian Far East and Arctic.

Travellers, bloggers and journalists were able to see with their own eyes the incredible natural beauty and impressive sights that await tourists in Chukotka — an expedition to the iconic places of the peninsula was organised for them.

Getting to know the traditional culture of high latitude people is one of the main aims of the Bering Strait Festival. The spectacular Beringian Games competition, held as part of the festival's cultural programme, was attended by 33 representatives of indigenous peoples of the North from nine Arctic regions. They competed in seven Nordic disciplines: 'High kick with one foot,' 'Reach with one hand,' 'Triple jump with simultaneous push-off with two feet,' 'Knee jump,' 'Tug of war with a ribbon,' 'Tug of war with a stick' and 'Jumping over a sledge.'

The Beringia 2022 traditional leather canoe race, held in Lorino village since 1992, also attracted many spectators. This year, more than 20 men's, women's and youth teams from national villages across the peninsula took part in the 3 to 14 km race. The athletes from Lorino were the absolute leaders in the competition.

The festival, organised by the Government of the Chukotka Autonomous Area and Rostourism, was officially closed on 7 August. But the celebrations did not end there: on 9 August, International Day of the World's Indigenous People, folklore groups from all over Chukotka performed in Lorino.

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