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Tourist facilities complex will appear in the Murmansk Region

The northernmost region of Russia will have a new point of attraction for residents, tourist groups and solo travellers.

25 March 2022

The Nord Element company, the new resident of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, will create a multifunctional tourist complex "Point of Attraction" until 2027 by agreement with the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (KRDV). The historical center of the Kola Peninsula will be a place of project implementation. The amount of private investments will exceed 135 million rubles.

The new hotel facility, capable of housing up to 130 guests at a time, will be built in stages over five years. More than 40 various modern guesthouses with panoramic glazing and terraces, glamping and cafés should be in the suburbs of Kola. Modular frame houses, built by local manufacturers on a turnkey basis, are designed for the specifics of the northern climate.

Architects adhered to the current barnhouse style, which combines three current trends - loft, minimalism and bionics. All structures will be organically inscribed in the surrounding landscape, with minimal interference in nature and the preservation of natural relief.

Another attraction point will be a café with a capacity of 90 guests. Gastronomic tourists will enjoy northern dishes cooked from the Kola Peninsula's products and wild crops. Catering is available both in your own dining area or in the rooms, as well as in a take-away option.

The AZRF resident believes that the optimal place has been chosen for the project implementation.

The year-round complex will occupy about 31 hectares, 15 minutes drive from the airport, along the Murmansk highway, which carries the main car traffic flow from St. Petersburg to the Arctic Circle.

The FEDC notes that the tourism sector today is one of the leaders in number of investment projects implemented in the Far Eastern Federal District and the Russian Arctic.


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