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More than 30 apartment buildings to be built in Yakutia's polar region under the programme for the resettlement of emergency housing

32 apartment buildings will be built during 2023–2024 in the districts of the Sakha Republic that are part of the AZRF.

10 March 2023

The houses are being built under the Republican Targeted Programme 'Resettlement of citizens from the emergency housing stock in 2019–2025.' This was reported by Alexander Stotsky, General Director of the Project Office for Arctic Development, citing Galina Novikova, First Deputy Minister of Construction of Yakutia.

New houses will appear in the Abyysky, Anabarsky, Allaihovsky, Verkhnekolymsky, Verkhoyansky, Zhigansky, Oleneksky, Nizhnekolymsky, Momsky, Eveno-Bytantaysky and Srednekolymsky districts; the total area of newly built housing will be about 47,000 sq m. A total of 88 apartment buildings are under construction in Yakutia. During 2023, about 94,000 sq m of emergency housing will be resettled and more than 5,000 Sakha residents will receive new flats.

Renovation of housing in the Arctic zone of Russia is an objective necessity. The harsh climatic conditions of the polar region mean that buildings and structures are subject to above-normal wear and tear. Thousands of square metres of housing built in the 20th century are now uninhabitable. The problem can only be solved by the joint efforts of businesses investing in renovation and the state creating a favourable regulatory, administrative and financial environment for it.


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