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High-speed Internet has now been introduced in another Arctic region of Yakutia

Considering the Synergy of the Arctic project, by 2025, fibre optic communication lines (FOCLs) equivalent to half the length of the equator will be laid in the republic.

11 February 2024

The Zhigansky district of Yakutia, located above the Arctic Circle, has become the first area to implement the large-scale Synergy of the Arctic project. This information is reported by the BigAsia portal.

A 370-kilometre-long fibre optic cable was laid along the winter road from Kirovo settlement in the Viluisky district to three settlements in the district, with a fourth one to be connected by year-end. As a result, all residents of the Arctic region will have access to high-speed Internet. The next municipality where fibre optic cables will be laid is the Olekminsky district.

For the first time in 2020, the Yakut Arctic (Oleneksky district) was introduced to high-speed Internet. Earlier in the year, satellite Internet was the only source of connectivity for all Arctic territories in Yakutia.

In 2022, an agreement for the joint execution of the Synergy of the Arctic project was signed between Yakutia and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. By 2025, high-speed Internet will reach 86 Arctic and remote settlements in Yakutia, with the laying of 7,000 km of fibre-optic lines.


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