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Developing the Tiksi seaport will turn it into a key point on the North Sea Route

The roadmap for the development of the port area was discussed at a meeting chaired by the head of Yakutia, Aysen Nikolayev.

20 January 2023

The project involves the reconstruction of the existing Tiksi terminal, the creation of a new deep-water terminal at the Naiba settlement and the construction of a passenger terminal for cruise ships. Today, one of the tasks of the regional authorities is to clarify the cargo base, which is necessary to attract federal funding and investment from large corporations. This was reported by the RZD-Partner.

Today, the Kyuchus industrial cluster project is entering the implementation stage, where all investment decisions have been taken and the first cargoes from Rosatom are already beginning to arrive at the port. The implementation of this and a number of other projects entails the transformation of Tiksi into one of the key growth points of the North Sea Route and the Arctic, according to the Yakut government.

The Tiksi settlement was founded in 1933 as one of the base points of the North Sea Route. In addition to the port, the Tiksi Polar Geocosmophysical Laboratory is located near the settlement. During the Great Patriotic War, inland Arctic convoys were formed in Tiksi—operations to protect the USSR's communication routes in the Arctic. Navigation in Tiksi is possible for 3 months of the year, and there is an airport capable of receiving both planes and helicopters.


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