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Students at Murmansk schools can tailor the experience to enjoy learning to the fullest

7 may 2022

07.05.2022 // The main aim of the Arctic Schools programme in the Murmansk Region is to let students decide how to transform school environments. In 2022, 100 kindergartens and schools will participate in the programme. The regional budget will spend RUB 250 million to allow all of them to bring their projects to life.

The Arctic Schools programme was launched for the first time in Murmansk. In January 2021, teachers, pupils and parents in Murmansk were asked to decide what it would take to make their school a better place. The school environment transformation was funded by the regional budget. Each educational institution could receive a maximum of RUB 5 million.

"The schools submitted a wide array of applications. "For example, they requested money for dance halls, physical therapy facilities in schools for children with disabilities, libraries and information centres, classrooms for handicrafts (subject similar to Sloyd), assembly halls and canteens," said Olga Dzyuba, Minister for Education and Science of the Murmansk Region.

Photo courtesy of the Murmansk Regional Government's website

In the first year of Arctic Schools, 14 of the city's 49 general education institutions took part in the programme The programme has proved popular and was expanded in 2022, now covering schools and kindergartens from all over the Murmansk Region. The schools were given an extra opportunity to refurbish their greenhouses, while kindergartens could use the grant to revamp their classrooms, canteens, music rooms and sports halls, or to improve the surrounding territories.

Photo courtesy of the Murmansk Regional Government's website

"The most important thing in the Arctic School project is that the children, the students of these schools, are directly involved in the development of their institutions. They shape the environment for themselves so that they can enjoy learning," stated Yuri Serdechkin, vice-governor of the Murmansk Region.

In 2022, 87 schools and 111 kindergartens from 15 municipalities in the Murmansk Region applied. Around RUB 250 mn is going to be allocated from the regional budget, which is much more than originally planned.

"This is an extremely important project, so we have decided to drastically increase funding and help renovate 100 facilities this year," commented Andrei Chibis, Governor of the Murmansk Region.

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