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SUP paddleboarding, sailing regatta and ice water swimming: recipe for good times in an old town

6 july 2022

6 July 2022 // Kandalaksha, the southernmost city of the Murmansk Region, turned 505 years old. The townsfolk decided to celebrate this anniversary, an impressive one for the Russian Arctic, in a youthful, sporty manner. The festival bill turned out to be extensive enough for two full days, 2 and 3 July.

The festivities began with a parade of giant kites. This spectacle was enjoyed greatly by the youngest citizens and guests of the city. Everyone watched in fascination as the colossal, strikingly coloured contraptions soared over the ancient streets of Kandalaksha. Standup paddleboarding competitions were also a spectator magnet. Those who had never tried standing on an inflatable board enjoyed the SUP DAY event with free master classes. The Grigoriy Ice Water Swimming Club of Kandalaksha and the Marathon Runner club of the Kola Nuclear Power Plant trade Union celebrated the anniversary by holding the first ever swimming race in the open waters of the White Sea. All participants proved able to complete 500 and 1,000-metre distances without wetsuits.

Meanwhile, sails were being set in the bay. The local stage of the Kandalaksha Bay Cup cruise yacht regatta was the high point of the festival. This regatta with an interregional status is part of the official schedule by the All-Russian Sailing Federation and of the Russian Unified Athletic Event Calendar, and is also a stage of the Ocean Racing Congress Yacht Cup of Russia. The spectators enjoyed watching the race from the high shore. The biggest hit was the Condor, the yacht used by the judges, launched back in 1935, but still afloat.

Kandalaksha's central square became a pedestrian zone for the holiday. Everyone had a chance to participate in the creation of a greeting card for this hospitable city. Ones set on seeing all of its sights could take a bus and go on the Seven Wonders of Kandalaksha guided tour. Cape Monastyrskiy Navolok, the oldest part of the city, hosted a fair of crafts.

Among the many guests of this enjoyable festival in Kandalaksha were experts of the Arctic Tourism Laboratory, including representatives of the region's travel agencies. They went on a sightseeing tour and reviewed accommodation and catering options in the city.

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