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Gastro-trip through the Pomorie

Arkhangelsk has developed a unique tour, Taste of the Arctic

21 august 2022

21.08.2022 // Visitors to Arkhangelsk can not only visit the industrial plants of Pomorie where products made from northern raw materials are produced but also get a taste of them all. Rarities such as beer pie, kelp chips and brunost candy await the visitors. Even in museums, many exhibits can be tasted or taken away as edible souvenirs.

The Taste of the Arctic tour is a three-day programme. The gastropub journey begins at Russia's only brewery, where one can go straight off the plane. When it opened in 2005, Arkhangelsk Airport became the second airport in the world after Munich to have a brewery.

BrauMeister Brewery continues the brewing traditions that have been developing in the Nemetskaya Sloboda of Arkhangelsk since the 17th century. All of the beers here are unique and are made in-house with the equipment of the famous Bavarian company Kaspar Schulz, the oldest brewing machinery manufacturer in the world.


The next stop is Nemetskaya Sloboda, a historical settlement of foreigners in the heart of the city. After a guided walk around the brewery, the guests can sample dishes recreated from old family recipes in the brewery's signature restaurant, the BrauMeister Cabinet.

Then a cranberry plantation, the northernmost berry plantation in Russia, awaits tour participants. Cranberries are grown in the middle of the authentic Dikoye Moor, and it can be clearly explained what makes the moors unique as an ecosystem, and why the local berry has a distinctive taste and usefulness. All guests are invited to try different varieties of cranberries and take a master class in rolling cranberries in sugar.


On the second day, tourists visit the traditional wooden shipyard on Mosey Island, where Peter the Great once stayed. Now the island is being used to recreate a huge 19-metre koch, a wooden fishing boat, on which the Pomors sailed on the northern seas, according to ancient drawings. At the shipyard, visitors can meet the stern, bearded carpenters who will tell about the history of ships in Arkhangelsk and give a brief introduction to shipbuilding.

The next point of the tour is the Farmers' Sloboda guesthouse. In April 2022, this family-run company was named one of the top 30 businesses in Russia by the Industrial Tourism Accelerator and won in the category 'Best Family Enterprise Open to Tourists.' Visitors can look after goats, rabbits or birds on the backyard farm and then have a photoshoot with the cute pets. A master class in cheese-making will help you learn the basics of goat's cheese production. Next up is a tasting of the food produced by the family farm.

On the third day, a visit to the museum of the Arkhangelsk Seaweed Mill, Russia's only enterprise engaged in the extraction and deep processing of Arctic seaweed, is planned.


The tour also includes themed excursions to the Northern Maritime Museum and Arkhangelsk Regional Lore Museum. The tour was developed by Pilgrim Plus and tested by federal experts from the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.


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