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Landscaping projects proposed and chosen by the Northerners

20 july 2022

20 July 2022 // The results of the second All-Russian online voting for landscaping projects under the Housing and Urban Environment national project have been announced. This year, almost one in ten Russians over the age of 14 voted. Two Arctic territories, Yamalo-Nenets and Nenets Autonomous Areas, were among the ten most active regions, providing almost half of the total votes. All landscaping projects were proposed by the residents.

Over 88 thousand residents of the Yamalo-Nenets Area participated in selectiing of places and facilities to be improved. New public spaces will be created in every Yamal municipality.

In Salekhard, residents decided on a new square on Respubliki Street. The capital of Yamal is not the only place poised to become more cozy and beautiful; so will other cities in the region. An alley will be built in Nadym, complete with with recreation spaces and cycling lanes. In Tarko-Sale, part of the suburban forest will be converted into a Health Park with an ornamental pond. A fountain with lighting and music will be installed near the children's art school in Gubkinskoye. A major overhaul of the City Park of Culture and Recreation will be carried out in Muravlenko. Children's playgrounds and athletic facilities will be created in Noviy Urengoy. A new public garden will be created in front of the School of Arts in Noyabrsk The Komi village, the city's origin, will undergo transformation in Labytnangi: an ethnography park will be created there. Many towns and villages of Yamal were also named winners.

In Naryan-Mar, one in four city resident partook in the voting. Three projects out of seven proposed were named the winners in the Nenets Autonomous Area capital. The Kachgortinskaya Kurya bank will turn into a wonderful recreation space, with wooden decking going down to the water. Two new parks will also be created in the city.

52,992 people voted in the Murmansk Region. In the regional capital, the Snezhinka athletic complex was named the winner. Cities of Gadzhiyevo and Kirovsk will get new public gardens. Pedestrian zones will be improved in Nikel, Kandalaksha and Zaozyorsk. An observation deck will be set up in Vidyaevo, a recreation area will be created in Apatity, and a spacious eco-park will appear in Olenegorsk.

In Chukotka, residents of Anadyr were the most active in voting, and four projects were named winners. The Bon Voyage stele, calling card of the area's capital, will be transformed. The coast in the Tavayvaam village, where the townspeople bring their families for recreation in the summer will be landscaped, and a new public garden will be created in Anadyr.

In the Arctic part of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the winners were two projects to be implemented in Norilsk. In the Arctic part of the Komi Republic, the most votes were cast for projects in Vorkuta, Inta and Usinsk. A pedestrian zone will be landscaped In the city of Mezen, Arkhangelsk Region; urban parks will be overhauled in Onega and Novodvinsk; the central street will be done up in Severodvinsk; the beach in the Northern Territorial District Arkhangelsk will also be landscaped and improved.

There were even more winners in the Arctic part of the Republic of Karelia. As many as seven projects are to be implemented there. Over 70 thousand residents of Yakutia over the age of 14 voted for landscaping projects this year, proving how important creating comfortable living conditions is for them.


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