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Glubina Putorana 2023: First Freediving Competition Beyond the Arctic Circle

The championship will take place on Lama, a fjord lake located in the northern part of the Putorana Plateau, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

17 August 2023

From August 31 to September 3, beyond the Arctic Circle at the 69th parallel, the first-ever freediving competition called Glubina Putorana (Depth of Putorana) 2023 will take place, as reported by NIA-Zapolyarye.

The world's top freedivers such as Guinness record holders, world and European champions, members of the Russian national team, and multiple winners of Russian championships will visit this unique natural location, one of the country's most beautiful and enigmatic places. The festival's agenda includes lectures and workshops from freediving experts, training dives and trekking trips to the plateau.

The contest will take place in two primary freediving disciplines (breath-hold diving without extra equipment): FIM (Free Immersion means diving with breath-hold along a rope) and CWT (Constant Weight means deep diving with fins with constant weight).

The competition will be held at Lake Lama, known for its significant depth (over 300 m) and low water temperature (+2°C starting from a depth of 10 m). At the Glubina Putorana, there are plans to set new records for breath-hold diving in cold water.


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